Recipes by category

casserolesSometimes it’s just easier to sort recipes by category. Er, that would be most of the time…

As it turns out, Twelve Miles is involving more recipes than I originally anticipated, so here’s a guide by category, with links. The comments and disclaimer made on the main Recipe page apply, of course; no need to repeat them.

Carrot, coriander and cumin soup
Cold cucumber, mint and yoghurt soup
Cold celery and lovage soup
Leek and bean soup
Minestra di Ceci
Pea and ham
Potato and dill
Squash soup with sage or nutmeg
Sweet potato and red pepper
Tomato and red pepper

Warm potato and sausage salad

Main courses
Girolles à la forestière – de ma façon
Orachietti con cavolo nero
Salmon wrapped in ramsons

Puddings and desserts
Apple crumble with blackberry coulis
Nectarine and almond tart (though it’s also both baking and a treat)

Apple and walnut cake
Bread, with a  pre-ferment  
Soda bread

Autumn jelly
Chutneys – general proportions and ideas
Elderberry elixir
Pickled onions with home-spiced vinegar
Toasted hazelnuts in honey

Hedgebog balls (really)



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