As time goes on, more and more recipes have cropped up, and the links to the posts containing them given here detail any significant ingredients which might not be ‘in stock’, depending on your cupboards, of course. You can find them sorted by category on the other Recipe page.

I always work in metric, and any oven temperatures are conventional and not fan unless it says otherwise, so knock fan temperatures back by 20 degrees. Abbreviations? Tsp – teaspoon, or 5ml; tbsp – tablespoon, or 15ml. Serving sizes vary but will be indicated on the recipe itself, and amending a recipe to serve a different number of people may require an adjustment to cooking times. And there’s an important note at the bottom about copyright. It’s not that boring, really.

Apple and walnut cake: apples, walnuts (you think?), sultanas, cinnamon

Apple crumble with blackberry coulis: apples, backberries, booze…

Autumn jelly: whatever you can forage. Within reason!

Bread, with a pre-ferment

Carrot, coriander and cumin soup: spices…

Celery and lovage soup (cold): lovage is almost impossible to find in the shops, but quite easy to grow…

Chutney: whatever you’ve got; a guide to proportions

Cucumber and yoghurt soup (cold): fresh mint. Easy peasy.

Elderberry elixir: er, elderberries. Spices, sugar – and booze… again.

Emergency minestra di ceci: tomato passata, tin of chickpeas

Girolles à la forestière – de ma façon: chanterelles, bacon and potatoes.

Granola: all sort of dried fruit and nuts and seeds…

Hedgehog balls: dried fruits, seeds and nuts

Leek and bean soup: a can of white beans

Nectarine and almond tart: nectarines (dur); peaches aren’t the same in this recipe, IMO…

Orachietti con cavolo nero: cavolo nero or similar kale, anchovies

Pea and ham soup: that would be frozen peas and ham offcuts.

Pickled onions, with home-spiced pickling vinegar: um, pickling onions…

Potato and dill soup: potatoes, onions, er, dill…

Potato and sausage salad: decent, tasty sausages

Ribollita: cavolo nero or other dark cabbage or kale

Salmon wrapped in ramsons: ramson leaves. One for the Spring.

Soda bread: flour, bicarb, and excess of yoghurt

Squash soup: tasty squash (not Halloween pumpkin, ergh), sage or nutmeg

Sweet potato and red pepper soup: smoked garlic, as powder or paste (easy online)

Toasted hazelnuts in honey: what it says on the tin, ho ho – fresh nuts, clear honey.

Tomato and red pepper soup: and sweet smoked paprika, aka pimenton dulce


shallots and lemonPlease note that all recipes are subject to copyright (like anything else creative, really) and be nice – no republishing, no selling, etc, etc. I am amazed at the number of arguments I have had with authors who want to use a recipe by, say, Jamie Oliver or Nigel Slater and pretend it’s their own… Personal use is just great. Passing off – and I can spot, for any of my authors reading this, a Nigella recipe at 500 metres – is not. And I’m afraid food writers are not always innocent, either; there have been one or two cases of recipes by one writer appearing, completely unaltered, in another writer’s work – and with no credit. And of the second author appearing in court. People do notice, sooner or later. Credit and/or permission are vital.

Having said all that, some recipes are almost generic, in a way – standards like the classic sponge cake, a roast chicken perhaps – but will often have a twist or tweak which makes them individual. Some recipes here may be inspired by someone else, and in those circumstances I will always credit. If I do quote a recipe exactly I will make that clear, and will have sought permission. I’d be really grateful if anyone contemplating using one of my recipes commercially or publicly could do me the same favour!

Neither the author of this blog, nor any recipe writers quoted, can be responsible for any actions taken by readers or any accidents caused. It’s a shame it’s necessary to add this, but – once again – there have been some very strange incidents. Like the person who claimed his partner’s death from heart failure was down to a slightly incorrect calorie value quoted in an online guide (and he would be prepared to negotiate appropriate compensation). It wasn’t one of mine, thank heavens…


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